general manager:
Veronika Tytarenko

year established:

19 employees

Privately owned street-level locations
in Kiev city centre, 186 sq m,
IATA location (72-3 2144 3)

Organising VIP travel is an art in itself. It takes a good psychologist to work in this market segment. Every client entering this agency has high expectations, wants special treatment and probably has a dream deep inside to be uncovered and fulfilled. Moreover company’s clients know first-hand what is luxury, exclusivity and prestige. Company’s clear focus is the Client, his or her wishes and needs, which must be granted by all possible means.
The company does not just sell trips, it crafts unique and tailor-made travel experiences paying attention to smallest details and considering every nuance of the clients’ likings. No time is spared for personalised contact identifying individual preferences and taboos. At «The Seventh Heaven» nothing is trivial, and in many cases time and money is invested in things that are easily overlooked in other companies. It is like being a good jeweler, who makes inimitable works of art by matching customer’s individual style with the colour and character of the gem at the same time not forgetting fashion trends.
In November, 2010 The Elite Tourism Club The Seventh Heaven became a winner of quite prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Award and was acknowledged as the best luxury agency in Ukraine. And the following year they got the title of the best luxury agency again.

FIT’s. Tailor-made tours for most valuable guests.


8, Darvina str.,
Kiev, 01004, Ukraine
tel./fax: +38 044 235 53 77